Welcome to the home page for PHP Choral Music Library!

ChoralMusicLib is a PHP-package for managing a music library, especially for choirs.

ChoralMusicLib is the continuation of a PHP-library package created to be able to search through the music library of http://www.camerata.com, the website of Washington Men's Camerata, dedicated to performing, preserving, and promoting the rich legacy of men's choral music.

Proudly we present the new beta version of ChoralMusicLib. Version 1.5 of ChoralMusicLib can be downloaded now.
Please try it out and give us feedback.

Changes include:

Please note, that this software is still beta software, so there still may be bugs. If you happen to find one, please let us know. Since the project has only been restarted a few weeks ago, getting it to work again has had primary focus. Security in this package can therefore not be garanteed (it could be susceptible to PHP or MySQL injects), and it is recommended to run it only in a secure environment, like https or XAMPP.


The following features are planned to be included in future versions:

If you are interested in this project, have comments or want to join development, please leave a message in the forum on the project page.

To download ChoralMusicLibrary, please go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/choralmusiclib/

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